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Energy Efficiency


Calculator lying next to money and a light bulb

It's the (fore)thought that counts.

Hundreds of lives are lost and thousands more people are injured annually in needless electricity related accidents that occur in homes, schools, the workplace and recreational settings.

Right now is a great time to look around your home and eliminate overloaded outlets and worn or damaged electrical cords and appliances. Electricity can keep your home comfortable, light the path to your door and cook your food. Or it can cause a shock or start a fire. Make electricity your friend. You could save a life or a home. Click here for electric safety tips.

Every little bit helps

We all know that energy conservation is important. Turning off lights and appliances when not in use has become second nature for most of us. Nevertheless, most of us don't really understand how much our appliances cost to run. Knowing the facts can help you trim your power bill and protect the environment - it's a win-win! Click here for energy conservation tips.